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Questions and answers

Here you can find the frequently asked questions. If you cant find an answer to your questions below, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team, we are more than happy to help you.


What is Fixura?

Fixura is the first peer-to-peer lending company in Finland and the oldest P2P lending company in Scandinavia. Peer-to-peer lending is lending money between people – we connect loan applicants with loan providers. All loans come from private persons and Fixura acts as a broker in between. The loan applicants and loan providers agree on the terms between themselves, but can still stay anonymous.

How do I get started?

If you would like to borrow money, you need to fill in an application form. Click ”Borrow”, on the top of this page, and you will get to the beginning of the loan application. Filling in the application is quick and easy. Please have your Internet banking codes handy nearby and your latest salary slip or other proof of income in PDF form.

What is required of me to be able to apply through Fixura?

According to our general terms, you would need to:

– be between the age of 21-68

– live permanently in Finland

– have no credit defaults and have full legal capacity

– have regular income

– have internet banking codes to a Finnish bank that Fixura cooperates with

– have use of a personal mobile phone and an email address

Why was my loan application not accepted?

If you have a credit default, we are unfortunately not able to accept you as a loan applicant. If you know that you do not have a default, you can contact our customer support team for further information.

Decline can also be due to the reasons below:

– Payments to your current loan have been late or you cannot apply for a new loan as of yet.

– You current income is not high enough compared to your expenses

– Your previous loan or instalments are in debt collection.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow between 1 000- 10 000 euros as long as you fulfil our general terms. Click here to leave your loan application.

How do I repay my loan?

A repayment schedule will be done for your loan according to the loan term. You can choose your monthly instalments when you apply for the loan. You will get an email from us with payment information about 2 weeks before the due date.

Reference number on the payment will be the same for the duration of the loan so you can create a payment template in your internet bank for future reference.

You can, at any time, make a payment larger than your monthly instalment. Any extra payment will reduce the capital on your loan and shorten the term of your loan. It is not possible to pay instalments in advance.

Can I pay off my loan at anytime?

You can pay off your loan at anytime. We ask you to contact our Customer Support team to provide you with the correct amount.

When you pay off your loan, the following charges will be applicable:

– Outstanding principal

– Outstanding interest

– Accumulated monthly transaction fees

– Yearly brokerage commission according to the original loan term

The borrower does not need to pay monthly transaction fees and interest according to the original loan term.

When will my application be processed?

We aim to process your application as soon as possible. Please remember to attach evidence of income to the application as this will reduce the processing time.

Acceptable evidence of income:
Salary income – Enthe latest salary notification/payslip
Self-employed – Ena copy of the latest annual profit and loss statement and latest personal tax assessment notice
Pension or other benefits – Ena copy of the latest payment summary

When will the loan be granted and when will I receive the funds to my bank account?

The loan does not come from Fixura, the loan providers are private persons. You will receive an email and a text message from us if the loan is granted. You will need to log into our website and to accept the loan with your internet-banking codes. Once the loan has been accepted, the funds will be on your bank account within the next few bank days.

When can I do a new loan application to Fixura?

You can only have one active loan application at a time. Once you have accepted a loan with us, you are unable to apply for a new loan for six months. Prior to applying for a new loan, you also need to have paid the first 3 instalments of your previous loan. A borrower can have a maximum of 2 active loans at the same time and a maximum of 10,000€ borrowed capital.

What is the effective annual interest rate?

The estimated effective annual interest rate can be found in the loan calculator, click “Details”. You can get to the loan calculator by clicking ”Borrow” on top of this page. You can also find your effective interest rate on your loan agreement (promissory note). The effective interest rate includes the interest rate and all the fees for your loan.

Can I pay my monthly instalments in advance?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay your instalments in advance, however you can pay more than your monthly instalment amount. The amount exceeding the monthly instalment will reduce the principal of your loan and shorten your repayment plan from the end. This will also save you money on the interest over the term of the loan.

Am I able to take a payment free month on my loan?

We do not offer payment free months, but you are able to have one principal free month per calendar year. During this month, you will only need to pay the interest and transaction fee for that month. The principal will be added to the end of the repayment schedule as a new instalment. You can choose the principal free month to be the next installment that has not been invoiced or later. Please contact our Customer Support if you want to have a principal free month.

I have forgotten my user name and password.

Your user name is your email address. If you cant remember your password, please click ”Forgot password?” on the right hand side, at the top of the page and you will receive an email from us with a link to change your password.