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Directives concerning anti money laundry

The Act based on the EU anti-money laundering directive requires that Fixura makes a risk assessment of whether the company might be used in connection with money laundering or terrorist financing. The act in question requires us to collect detailed information about our customers. This is why we have to ask you to complete the form below. All information is treated confidentially. All Fixura employees are covered by the obligation of professional secrecy and we are covered by the personal data act.

Previous investment experience

Financial instrument
Investment services

Charasteristics and size of the investments

Trading activities

The financiel situation of the customer

The act on prevention and investigation of money laundering and terrorist financing 18.7.2008/503 obliges us to recquire information about the origins of the investment capital.

Financial instruments
The origins of the assets
Present assets
Type of income
Type of employment

The objective of the investment

Investment schedule
Investment targets
Risk apetite
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Other investments
Fixura investments

* I have got acquainted with the information and the conditions of the investment service to such an extent that I am convinced that I can make independent investment decisions concerning the service and at the same time take my own financial situation and the risk into account.

* I have understood: - the general terms in Fixura customer agreements and agree to follow them - the riskks that relates to investing through Fixura - the possible fees that are attached to investments I ensure that the information I have given are correct and I agree to inform Fixura if any information changes without delay.