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Loan on your terms

Loan on your terms

1 000 EUR 10 000 EUR
24 mon 60 mon

Total to be paid from
Effective Interest Rate from
Fees in Total from

Interest Principal Fees Monthly payment Principal left


Currently borrowers have to have a Finnish social security number and internet bank codes to a Finnish bank.

A new way to apply for a loan

Fixura loans are advantageous loans at conditions that you have chosen. For this reason the loans are often cheaper than loans provided by other services. When your application has been submitted it is up to you to evaluate investor offers.


Why choose Fixura?

Loan Quick loan decision

loans More than 80 000 users

 The loan is often cheaper than other loans

 You apply for a loan online with your own bank codes - simple




Instalments from 26,50 €/month





You do not have to take out a loan that has been granted

When your loan has been granted it is ready to be taken out. If you no longer need the money you have not committed to anything.


Applying for a 1 000 - 10 000 € loan through us is fast and simple

People have been lending each other money through the ages. Fixura continues the tradition by mediating loans between people. Both you and the borrower remain anonymous and all data is handled confidentially.

You can borrow, for example, to renovate your kitchen or to buy a car. You can also borrow money to pay off old consumer credits. No one but you sets the amount and the repayment term.

If you have many small consumer credits with high interest rates, you can apply for a loan through Fixura with a lower interest rate and pay off all old loans. This lowers your monthly interest rate payments and you save money


You set the interest and the repayment time.

When you borrow money through Fixura it is you who choose the amount and the repayment time. But still remember to select such an interest rate and such a loan amount that you are able to repay the loan. 


Fixuran lainan hakuprosessi


1. Select loan amount and instalment time

2. Fill in the application online

3. You get a loan decision and an offer that you can accept or reject

4. When you have accepted the offer the money will be on your account within 1-2 workdays