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P2P Lending is an excellent form of investment.  It gives the investor a chance to help people in need of a loan and at the same time, you can get yourself a good return. Start by investing a sum that is currently convenient for you. Investing all assets at the same time is not recommended. The minimum investment is 1000€. Calculate what is a suitable investment for you that will not stress your economy. That is the best starting point and a good way to test how the investment product of Fixura works and later you can decide whether you want to make additional investments.  

The right moment to start investing every day

The investment product of Fixura differs from other investment products since you can start investing at any time, in other words, it is the right moment to invest every day. This is possible because our product is independent of the stock market and therefore the volatility is low, which is reflected in the performance of the portfolios of our investors. One of the secrets behind the Fixura product is the effect of compound interest, which means that when you re-invest the interest that you have already received, the interest yield of your investment is increased. It is easy to start investing if you have clear objectives with you investment. You only need to decide how much you want to invest and which investment period and risk level you prefer. The Fixura investment product is a good alternative if you do not have time or the commitment to follow-up the investment continuously. When the conditions of your portfolio have been set, the investment is automatic and re-invests payments in new loans according to the same conditions. The automatic investment function makes it possible to divide the investments into small lots. Read more about the automatic investment function.

To invest through Fixura

Fixura is an alternative to traditional investments. Peer-to-peer loans are based on an ancient business idea – as long as there has been money as a payment method, people have lent each other money. Read more about investing in peer-to-peer loans. There is no need for long investment experience or great investment capital to invest through Fixura. Many of our customers use Fixura as a supplement to their investment portfolio. Stock and fund investors, pension savers, housing investors and regular savers are our typical customers. If you would like more information about how to start saving please get in touch with one of our representatives.

Calculate expected return

You can calculate expected return by using the return calculator. The application calculates return based on historical and real-time data. Test the Fixura return calculator.




Fixura is an excellent investment choice – the result is not dependent on when you start investing


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You can create a Fixura account for free by clicking the register button.

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Transfer your investment amount to your Fixura account. The minimum investment is 1000€ that can be invested in many different loans. 

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You can invest manually through Fixura, which means that you can select borrowers by yourself, or instruct our system to make the investments according to the criteria that you have chosen. You can invest manually also when the automatic investment function is activated. Read more about the autoinvest function.



Our investors have received an average return of more than 10% p.a. since the company was established.