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Peer to peer lending

P2P Lending is an excellent form of investment - it gives the investor a chance to help people in need of a loan and at the same time, you can get yourself a good return.




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1  Return 10% p.a.

The average return of the Fixura service on investment since start is more than 10% p.a. On the current interest rate market this is an excellent result.

2  No timing risk

Unlike stock market investing, P2P lending is not influenced by timing and it is possible to start investing at any time. P2P lending will reduce your portfolio volatility, because it is not tied to the stock market.


P2P lending provides investors with steady income, just as rental housing. When borrowers repay their loans every month, the investor may choose to withdraw the return or re-invest it again, to achieve even greater returns on investment.


Fixura's automatic investment function will diversify all portfolios by allocation the investments into hundreds of different loans. In this way, a single late payment by a borrower will not have significant impact on the total return of the investment portfolio.


Always the right time to invest

P2P lending provides the investor with a stable cash flow and steady return on investment, independent of the stock market. Since the establishment of Fixura the return on investment has averaged over 10% per annum. Fixura has more than 50 000 registered users today and therefore the company is the largest P2P lender in the Nordic countries.


In order to reduce the risks of the investment, investors should always diversify their investment into many different loans. When you use the automatic investment feature, our system will take care of diversification and reinvestment for you, according to investor set criteria. We want to offer our investors the best diversification and also to make the investment as easy as possible. Using the automatic investment function is free of charge for all investors.

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Credit rating to minimize investment risk

In order to minimize the risk of credit defaults Fixura has strict borrower conditions. The loan applicant must be a person permanently resident in Finland, 21-68 years old, who has a regular income. Borrowers with bad payment history or a credit note, can not apply for a loan through Fixura. Persons who have failed to repay their Fixura invoices, can not re-apply for a loan through Fixura. All loan applicants receive a credit rating, based on Soliditet (Bisnode Finland) credit data, of their judgment of a person's creditworthiness and Fixura statistics.








We are part of the global sharing economy – a phenomenon in which completely new forms of financing are growing alongside the banks and traditional financial institutions. We only pass on existing money so we are in favour of a more stable and secure economy.


VPeer-to-peer loans are based on an ancient business idea – as long as there has been money as a payment method, people have lent each other money. Fixura connects those who want to borrow money with lenders who want to lend money at same conditions.



The companies that offer peer-to-peer loans have based their business concept upon an ancient principle: that people lend each other money. In English this is called either P2P lending or peer-to-peer lending. With the help of state-of-the-art technique it is today much easier to connect people who need to borrow money with people who want to lend money than it was before. Some companies within the business are specialized in mediating loans to small businesses instead of to private individuals and therefore the loan type is related to the phenomenon crowd sourcing. All these kind of loans and investments are part of a larger development where new ways of financing develop alongside banks and other traditional financing institutions. This is called sharing economy.